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  Here you can leave any feedback on the quality of our website. We guarantee we will read and, where possible, take into account all your feedback and requests. Thank you in advance for helping us improve the site.
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Posted by Bob Williams, March 1, 2015
back in my day i could stay on a pc all day, but now that i am very disabled its hard. I have some old hard drives that have a lot of memories on them. and i needed some drivers for the board. I tried hard to find some but no luck. untill i found this won
Posted by Nunzio, September 13, 2013
Sono molto soddisfatto, lo scanner HP3400C finalmente funziona anche con Windows 7. Sito molto efficace e chiaro nella ricerca complimenti. Scaricato il file sj652it con tasto destro del mouse su proprietÓ poi su CompatibilitÓ, mettere segno di spunta su
Posted by Omer, July 8, 2013
Thanks for the drivers for Travelmate 292lci
Posted by yudidgood, May 24, 2012
thank you so much, now I have the driver. It's very simple download feature
Posted by tehcn, November 8, 2011
Thank YOU very much. Helped revive, most ancient typewriter, did not know who to contact and. And so people have a chance, and to work in the country. Once again, thank you very much
Posted by quNrcjjgOl, May 20, 2011
That saves me. Thanks for being so seinsble!
Posted by DANI, May 17, 2011
Great for all. thank
Posted by Samuel, April 5, 2011
Posted by Jani, December 3, 2010
Your site is looking very helpful but I am totally unable to find a driver of sound card RTL8139(X). Hope u will help me in this regard. Thanx
Posted by Sharon, October 28, 2010
This is the only website from whic I got the required help. I needed the VGA driver for my Acer Aspire 3680 windows xp and I got it here. Thanks a ton!
Posted by Sharon, October 28, 2010
I needed the VGA driver for my acer aspire 3680 and this was the only site which helped after tons ofsearching. Thanks a ton!
Posted by Ibrahim, August 25, 2010
Theres no doubth that hp support can solve my problem fast and perfect
Posted by HZ, July 11, 2010
Well lets see if it works
Posted by aan, June 12, 2010
helpfull thanx's alot
Posted by Godlyn paul, June 4, 2010
it was really helpful for me to bring back ma dead system back alive....thanks a lot.........
Posted by gerco, April 3, 2010
Thanks for your excellent service. I could not find these drivers on the website of the manufacturer MSI! Great site this is.
Posted by Mamat Kek, March 9, 2010
my days almost doom to find old motherboard driver... at last i found fantastic site...thanks to admin...
Posted by tutangigi, February 20, 2010
thank you for this great site! I'm italian( sorry for my english). I didn't find any driver for my asus wifi card.Then i found this site and i downloaded my drivers.
Posted by BUHAWI, February 16, 2010
It's me again...Joubel from Philippines... i am continuing support your site and to u Admins... because you have a great job... 3 thumbs up... the software is quality and great works....THANK YOU AGAIn....continue to free ur softwares... God Bless You All
Posted by Coop, February 12, 2010
Manny thx.Good side, mass of Drivers. BUT.Slow Download Links. But all other are great her.Good Job
Posted by Brandon, January 19, 2010
I had to roll back to XP from vista, and this is the only place i found some of the drivers i needed!
Posted by bstdman, January 13, 2010
thanks for the driver p4s533, downloaded and work.. its bery usefull websites..
Posted by EVA, January 10, 2010
Posted by Cadarn, December 30, 2009
Thank you Driver Stock! I repair computers for a living and you guys are a life saver.
Posted by Matt, August 23, 2009
At last! An honest driver download site that actually delivers the drivers rather than forcing you to download a hideous piece of malware first. Great job, guys!
Posted by fizzy azman(Malaysia), June 30, 2009 travelmate 250 can play music again..
Posted by JOUBEL, June 30, 2009
Hi and Good day from Philippines, Nasipit, i\'ve so impressed...that all so good when we say about the softwares... because it easy and fine when it in driverstock.... The It.Partner / Cafe , will 100% support..keep it u
Posted by , June 21, 2009
The best place to get all the drivers for all the motherboards and OSs.
Posted by Happy Louie, May 23, 2009
Thanks for all of you guys there who made this site possible and availbale to everyone!You know what?I gathered old PC parts being dumped in the garbage in diferrent time and place and when I finally completed all the essential parts to make a working com
Posted by Happy Louie, May 23, 2009
Thanks for all of you guys there who made this site possible and availbale to everyone!You know what?I gathered old PC parts being dumped in the garbage in diferrent time and place and when I finally completed all the essential parts to make a working com
Posted by Victor, May 13, 2009
Thanks, the drivers for asus p5pe-vm which i have downloaded really works!
Posted by TENCHU, March 14, 2009
No where else could i find these drivers, saved my life....Thanks
Posted by arun, March 10, 2009
what i say , an excellent site . very very helpful to all category people who use computer .when all the time i look for a help this site is the final destination , i never disappoint yet with out complete my task . my sincere thanks to all behind this s
Posted by Andy, March 2, 2009
Great...better than manufacturer download
Posted by GREG1967, December 25, 2008
Could not find out what I needed to make my Lexmark X75 work with windows vista until I found you guys. Thanks!
Posted by Pradit, November 14, 2008
I have been searched driver for the other websit but they can not support for all drivers,After try to find by \"Driverstock\" all drivers ready.
Posted by Affiat, October 4, 2008
Thank\'s... very very very helpful !!! Keep on the NET... yeahhhh !!!
Posted by Affiat, October 4, 2008
Thank\'s !!! very very very helpful... Keep on the net... yeahh !!!
Posted by kannaperumal, October 1, 2008
Very useful our website. Thank for all
Posted by sarwar, September 14, 2008
it is very useful. Thx very much
Posted by JOUBEL, September 9, 2008
I\'m Joubel from Philippines...For me this site is good and nice because all drivers here is the best and it is useful for all visitors and people around on virtual... Great and Fantastic....Good Job to All...ADMINS....tnx to to All Admins...
Posted by aRCHIE, August 24, 2008
Thank You is not enough to say to ur site...I\'m in debt to your service...MOre Power!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by WiReD, August 9, 2008
Absolutely THE best driver site on the whole of the World Wide Web - and I say this from experience :) Thank you to the team for all your hard work :D -WiReD-
Posted by Victor, June 10, 2008
Fantastic!!! it saved my life this site! Thank You!
Posted by jhon, April 28, 2008
This site really deserves credit. Thank you for helping us in our PC problems especially device drivers.
Posted by najeebulhassan, April 10, 2008
i am very thank ful for u .it is very easy site to use
Posted by CHRIS, April 4, 2008
Posted by sam F, February 13, 2008
I love this site so much THANK-YOU!!!!
Posted by Razy, January 7, 2008
thanks. Great site for download all kind of drivers.
Posted by Bob, December 29, 2007
Found the audio driver I needed for my Notebook right away. Excellent site.
Posted by Ashok, December 16, 2007
This site is very useful,fast,user-friendly and it has a powerful driver database.Highly Recommendable.
Posted by Bradin, December 12, 2007
Great Job! The site is Awesome!
Posted by sumit, November 8, 2007
i was so tensed tat cant do ny thing on ma notebook . . . but from this site i got all the drivers of ma notepad n now enjoyed ?>>>>>>>>>> THANKS A LOT .........
Posted by Pedro Coronel, October 30, 2007
this is the best side for download notebooks drivers!! THANKS!!! PD: \"Altamente RECOMENDABLE\"
Posted by yashiven, October 14, 2007
thanks 4 ze realtek_azalia(xp version)! it\'s very cool of u guys coz it\'s been 4 mouth I formatted my pc n was not able to listen to music!
Posted by Satisfied Customer, October 8, 2007
thanks. Very helpful site. I will be coming back here next time.
Posted by meldruas, September 22, 2007
A lovely surprise to find your site, as I was able to bring my wireless keyboard and mouse (with Hotkey functions) back into operation. The original software was on a floppy disk and didn\'t cover XP, so finding everything I needed here was great... Than
Posted by Ann, September 5, 2007
Thank you for the hp driver my computer shut down and I had to use PC Recovery to get it back on but my printer would not work so I came across your site in a search for free drivers, thank you again it works perfectly.
Posted by mattamuskeet, August 15, 2007
You are real heroes! After losing my hard drive, I thought that everything was salvaged, but found that the audio driver was not. Your site saved the day. My wife even thinks that I am a hero now. I won\'t tell her how easy it was.
Posted by Big man, July 24, 2007
Thanks for an excellent and super helpful site. I needed Acer laptop drivers and while other sites tried to charge me and provide a crappy service you out did them for free. Im telling everyone I work with to add you to their favourites in a fast be
Posted by N.Ungson, July 10, 2007
this site is really great! Salamat!!! - N.Ungson/Philippines
Posted by Fast, July 1, 2007
Was helping my neighbor get his sound working, Your site saved the day with audio drivers. Thanks, Keep up the good work. Jim in Tacoma. Wa.
Posted by Troy, June 29, 2007
Almost all we need for our unit is here. Thank you very much to those who made this site.
Posted by Troy, June 29, 2007
I really don\'t how to thank you, for solving my problem on my acer notebook aspire1640, because I\'ve been searching and asking programmers and technicians for almost 7 months but still they can\'t fix it. But here in, I downloaded it for
Posted by Marv, June 26, 2007
I had linked to a half dozen sites for a Lexmark driver and all to no avail. Either they weren\'t there or they directed me to DriverGuide which wanted me to be a member because it was a \"premium\" driver whatever that means. Driverstock took me right to
Posted by Jishanth, June 23, 2007
This is the first time I found the website that really meaningful for mel.What I need for my system has been solved after visiting you very much for your drivers.
Posted by CHAD, June 23, 2007
Thanks for creating this site, its a great help for the PC users that lost this drivers for their devices..
Posted by CYROUS, June 20, 2007
Posted by Sho, May 10, 2007
I totally agree with everyone! The site has brought a greater and safer way to get drivers for your hardware without having the fear of accidentally downloading a virus. Thank you for providing a great service! Keep up the great work!
Posted by tim, May 9, 2007
thank you so much for having back my loss driver am very happy keep on the good work .
Posted by Jirhee, April 27, 2007
Thank you very much for letting us downloads the dirvers, your so amazing guys...., keep it up... it helps me a lot i love this site. wowowo
Posted by Mc Lean, April 25, 2007
Thank you very much...... its very cool site.. Now i can easly update my computer through this site... God bless..
Posted by Beach, April 22, 2007
I am delighted. I would have to replace 3 perfectly adequate printers were I not able to download Lexmark Z54. It seems to be working. I appreciate the ease of navigating your site among the 30 others I tried. I want you all at the top of the list
Posted by Marco, April 21, 2007
Muchas gracias, la pagina es super versatil, encontre muy facil los drivers que necesitaba para mi computadora portatil, tienen de todo y muy completos, muchas gracias por la ayuda prestada
Posted by Valen, April 12, 2007
This is an amazing site that contains any drivers that you need! Thanks to for helping me solving all the problems of my drive!
Posted by kudel, April 8, 2007
good site for looking driver, bravo!!!
Posted by Toxi, April 4, 2007
Thank you very much! Downloaded driver with no problems, was self extracting (was looking for a self extracting driver for another person who was new to computers) and it worked great!
Posted by Joseph Joshua, April 3, 2007
This is the first time I found the website that really meaningful for me, and my life as well.What I need for my Acer Notebook has been solved after visiting!Amazing site.Thank you very much for your drivers.
Posted by Guilherme, March 31, 2007
Ëtimo site, valew great!
Posted by Shagggyy, March 29, 2007
I like this site very much itz very very cooooll....
Posted by FASRY, March 28, 2007
Thanks a lot... make it more better.. try release old driver, for old component
Posted by mokinsky, March 2, 2007
Thank God I found your site! You guys have saved my life!
Posted by Jean, February 25, 2007
Hi Guys... Really Good collection of drivers and bios updates... keep it up...
Posted by pc-clinic-center, February 20, 2007
Thanks !!! for your webside
Posted by FYEZAL, February 5, 2007
Posted by Odyssey, January 1, 2007
Thank you so much for not being just another bunch of link-whores, and actually having the files. You guys rock.
Posted by elijah, December 12, 2006
IT was amazing a big help keep it up guys...
Posted by KERO, December 4, 2006
you guys are just the best you are just what a tech needs.thank god you exist
Posted by CDS-Indonesia, November 30, 2006
Thanks for the helpfull site, it\'s really safe my neck, keep up the good work, God Bless you all
Posted by J Green, November 15, 2006
Nice site, had many drivers for my laptop that other sites did not have. Did NOT LIKE the long 30-45 second wait for the security code to propigate.
Posted by EED_MC (Thailand), November 15, 2006
More over thank...your site the best for someone who want hope....go on good.
Posted by Altajer, November 13, 2006
This Site is very powerfull & wonderfull it is better than , this site is well organized and the most valuable thing in this site that it is freeeeee. thank you driver stok (k)
Posted by SGN, November 11, 2006
good show guys!! keep it goin sg
Posted by pugo, October 1, 2006
thank u for having this site. it help me a lot. specially for the the drivers i needed. just keep on rockin.............!!!!!
Posted by Harry, June 19, 2006
Thank you all for bringing us this comprehensive database of drivers. You guys have really done a good job!
Posted by Harry, June 19, 2006
Wonderful collection of drivers! Thank you so much for your hardwork!
Posted by DEEN, May 16, 2006
wow best site ever thank
Posted by Datorman, April 12, 2006
The verification step is VERY DIFFICULT due to the POOR color choices. PLEASE fix. Otherwise, you have a great site.
Posted by Alex, February 13, 2006
Thanks for the driver!
Posted by sam, February 1, 2006
i requested a video driver for my laptop and i received the right one in less than a day from this website. thanks!! by the way, the manufacture dos not have the driver on their website. what a shame.
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