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acer n?o faz boot
(Posted by: chasm, Tue, 03 Jul, 2007 04:50:25)
Fiz um update ? bios do Acer Aspire 1650, ap?s ter aparecido a mensagem que podia reeniciar o pc, fi-lo s? que j? n?o iniciou. alguem sabe como recuperar a Bios original?
  [Re] laUoLulHsK
(Posted by: hgOqZPVLBE, Tue, 22 Jan, 2013 12:39:24)

Dear Martin, I've read, that you upgraded your bios. Could you ppreahs tell me, how you did it? Or even better, send me the img file you used to make a bootable usb stick? I have been struggling with this for ages. Here is how far I got:1. downloaded a freedos img file.2. downloaded the new bios3. successfully made a bootable usb using the dd command.the problem is, that the img file is only 1.44 mb big, so when i make the bootable stick, the size will be that big only. there is no way to fit also the flash bios onto it.I tried to find a way to append the files to the img file, or enlarge the img, but did not succeed.Your help would be greatly appreciated!Szabolcs
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