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(Posted by: Tata, Wed, 21 Feb, 2007 09:17:22)
Hi,I have a chaintech MPM800 board for 2 and half years now,so I decided to Installed a new processor P4e 3000ghz Bus 800MGZ,HT,I read on the manual that my board support intel p4 HT with bus 400/533/800.Since that I'm confronting serious troubles,when I reboot or turn on the PC,a warning says that I have to make some changes on the Cmos,I try but when I press F10 to save the changes it doesn't accept the changes I do,so I have to reboot to get out of the CMOS set up.The FSB it's only 200,I don't know if I have to update the bios since mine is from april 2004,or if I have to change the board.I tried reseting the CMOS but didn't work.

If you have an answer for me,I'll apreciate your time.
Thank you
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