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HP 750 Printer drivers
(Posted by: John, Thu, 10 Jun, 2010 17:29:50)
I am trying to locate a driver to download for a HP PSC750 printer. Could anybody assist ib where I am able to obtain a free download for this printer from
  [Re] gDeKbmJnsrdKF
(Posted by: ubySHTNw, Tue, 22 Jan, 2013 11:12:58)

that's because they don't own the drvier rights. DNP made the drvier for them. It is the same case for the DS80 by DNP and the CP3800DW by Mitsibushi. Exact same printer different drives and a pain in the butt to require the correct ones.I'm surprised DNP made a drvier for Mitsibsushi before issuing one for their own for the ds40!!!
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