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bios problem
(Posted by: Wael tech., Fri, 23 Nov, 2007 09:26:17)
i am wael from iraq, i hope your help in solving my problem. my problem i have computer every time that turn on it appears bios window that tell me to adjust the speed of the processor. although that i am not change the processor. and when the open the window xp is open(the desktop appears) i found the date and time are backed to date 2000..... i see the problem in the bios, because of the previous reasons as well as becuase of the copmputer when it startup appears message that it mean there is problem in bios update. my motherboard is (asus p4b, chipset 845 and version of bios is 1005).
and thank you for your care...
  [Re] bios problem
(Posted by: wibismart, Tue, 01 Jan, 2008 10:56:12)

Hi Brother, It seem the problem on the motherboard battery, try to replace the battery with the same battery,

maybe it can help you
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