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Subject: I lost my driver disk

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I lost my driver disk
(Posted by: caz, Sat, 10 Feb, 2007 23:59:15)
i have a asus notebook ( Model: m2n)
i use its recovery disk to format my notebook~ after i have done it, it asks for a driver CD which i couldn't find it. And now it is still showing inset driver cd to continue~ what can i do? must i dl all the related drivers and burn into a CD?
  [Re] I lost my driver disk
(Posted by: fahim, Sun, 11 Dec, 2011 17:22:31)

i ha lost my driver disk pk-935
  [Re] I lost my driver disk
(Posted by: zipo, Tue, 24 Jul, 2007 00:10:40)

i have a problem on display setting .The monitor setting is not working and screen resolution setting is not adjusted more than less.
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