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(Posted by: defform, Sat, 20 Jan, 2007 12:32:04)
Dear madam / sir,

I have a driver problem with my Acorp 7KT266A motherboard. The problem
is that i don't have any sound or audio. I installed a new version of
Windows XP(TM)Pro and then i install all hardware drivers, but every time
when Windows start i got a message for "new hardware found". In Device
Manager i got warning mesage: "Multimedia audio controller" that appears whit "!". I installed this audio driver: AC-97 on-board audio driver
from for 7kt266a as is written in its "readme.txt" file, but when i restart the
computer and Windows start, the problem is still the same - when i go
to Device Manager i got the same message in Device Manager and no audio.

What can i do to remove this problem?

Thank you for your fast replay and information!

Best regards,
mmen_l mmen_r
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