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Subject: AOpen AK77 600GN Bios

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AOpen AK77 600GN Bios
(Posted by: Lethal3737, Mon, 27 Nov, 2006 02:33:46)
My friend downloaded the latest Bios drivers by double clicking the (W74GN109) file, Once It restarts I get no responce, All it comes up with is (Bios ROM Checksum Error) Also he did not make a backup disc.

I do however have my own personal PC, So I might be able to help him somehow. Wondering if there is any solution that can solve this problem?
  [Re] AOpen AK77 600GN Bios
(Posted by: Lethal3737, Wed, 29 Nov, 2006 09:12:17)

Wicked support here, Thanks for all the help (NOT)
  [Re] AOpen AK77 600GN Bios
(Posted by: Lethal3737, Tue, 28 Nov, 2006 08:29:12)

Was the detail I gave not enough to give any advice? I suppoose I am asking if there is maybe a file I can place onto a Floppy Disc which will restore his Bios? And if so how do I go about doing it.... Anyone?
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