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Subject: Transfer Manager is needed!

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Transfer Manager is needed!
(Posted by: michaeldrea, Mon, 31 Jul, 2006 13:48:48)
You can enter our Company as the Transfer Manager.

Once you do, a world of training and skill development opens to you,
as well as career progression and professional options. In fact,
many members of our leadership and executive teams first began their career as a Transfer Manager.
As a Transfer Manager you’ll leverage the latest in computer technology,
communications, and payment management systems.
You'll be a proactive decision maker working on-site with customers,
businesses and the legal and financial communities.

Quality of Experience

While your experience may be in a variety of types of professional,
administrative, technical, investigative or other responsible work, you must demonstrate:
! Ability to process payments between partners’ clients and our company,
! Ability to plan, organize, and prioritize work,
! Ability to work for 1-3 hours per day,
! Advanced PC, Internet, e-mail handling skills are preferable(English-speaking only),
! Maturity age.

What we offer

! 10% commission from each transaction,
! Freedom in planning your business activity,
! Work efficiently from home,
! Fantastic training opportunities.
! As a Transfer Manager, you won't sit behind a desk.

You’ll be involved in a variety of different roles such as investigator, negotiator,
and financial planner.

If this sounds like a match, please fill our form CV:
Your Full Name:
Please fill information in what banks you have accounts to receive bank transfers.
Bank account 1:
Bank account 2:

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