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Subject: P5B-VM sound driver problem

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P5B-VM sound driver problem
(Posted by: ichbinsehselber, Sat, 26 Nov, 2011 00:53:41)
I have newly setup the computer. Installed Win XP, updated it, installed the sound driver from here and then the sound worked.

Then I made a mistake: I thought my PC is slow and looked for processes which seemed unnecessary and uninstalled the soundmax. This is the sound driver above. So the sound was gone.

When I found out I reinstalled the sound driver. But the sound is now scratchy. When I only play the sound and do nothing else the sound is ok. But as soon as there is anything else it does not work properly. This means that e.g. in Windows media player the sound does not work because it displays some graphics by default. I also cannot listen to music while surfing in the internet etc. The sound is very bad.

I tried a few more things:
1.) use the windows feature to go back to the last known working system configuration
2.) use the windows update driver feature
3.) use the windows sound troubleshooter
4.) installed another sound driver

these actions did not help.

Does anybody know a solution which does not involve setting up OS or getting a new piece of hardware?
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