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Subject: problems installing drivers for asus m2n dh

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problems installing drivers for asus m2n dh
(Posted by: grone, Fri, 19 Mar, 2010 14:32:23)
hi can anyone help i have asus m2n dh board and i am having problems drivers for my board i am trying to updated the bios but having problems as i have installed windows 7 on my pc i cant seem to find windows 7 drivers on aus site is there any way i can update the bios on windows 7
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(Posted by: RCdDElNOtzteIjM, Thu, 27 Sep, 2012 20:46:46)

Hi, really apaepcietrd this post as is struggle with a similar problem namely getting my Spinpoint 1TB S-ATA II HDD up and running on my ASUS A7N8X-Deluxe my manual tells me that the onboard S-ATA RAID Controller is Silicon Image SiI3112A though.Therefore i have some questions:- i have the A7N8X not the A7N8X-E so i'm wondering if I can use the Silicon Image BIOS provided here, anyone had the same problem and tried it?I can't find any information if this controller suport just plain SATA mode, without ANY raid configuration as is have just one HDD attached.I'm really sick of this because I tried to get the HDD running on this board for weeks now, its in SATA I mode but once plugged in system won't boot anymore and this SUCKS. BTW, i have a P-ATA drive attached and this is where my OS is installed. Please comment or give me a hint, any help is really (!) apaepcietrd, THX!
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