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Subject: Need help ASAP with firmware!

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Need help ASAP with firmware!
(Posted by: Chaos, Wed, 07 Jun, 2006 23:23:55)
Hi, the other day I downloaded a new version of Firmware for my Asus J201, I downloaded from and the version of the firmware is 4.8. It says on the homepage that the version is for Taiwan users only; it says that itís available to users at Taiwan on the description. The thing is Iím living in New Zealand right now, but Iím born in Taiwan so I can read Chinese etc so I thought that it would be alright for me if I download the firmware. I did that and I followed the instructions, the firmware program detected my phone but then it shows an error message: ĎSystem Error: GetNationalCode TW errorí. I believe itís got something to do with the Taiwan national code or something, Iím going back to Taiwan next week for a holiday so I might get the problem fixed there but I want to get fix now ASAP so please help me. By the way, the firmware upgrade obviously didnít work but now my phone couldnít start either and before I did this I had my battery fully charged so itís got nothing to do with the battery problem. Thatís why I need help now because I couldnít even start my phone.
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