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Motherboard Driver
(Posted by: Deva, Wed, 17 Jan, 2007 02:16:08)
I have an Aopen mx4ger motherboard. I have been looking for an update for the driver. I find version 1.11 in several places, but every download offers me an .exe file plus a .bin file. I can't open .bins right now. Alcohol120 is gone from my machine and I don't have an alternative. I thought iso buster was the same thing, turns out I am wrong. Anyway, I am looking for this driver in a simple .exe and thought perhaps someone might point me in the right direction.

Also, MS XP installs with various default drivers, and the motherboard is obviously controlled by one of them. But I have never installed a seperate driver for this motherboard. (the computer is custom built by a friend. Will installing the updated driver make a big difference in computer performance?

Thank you
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