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audio and video problems
(Posted by: suzanka, Wed, 11 Oct, 2006 14:49:01)
I bought a camcorder three months ago and since then I've had problems with the audio and the video. When I opened a video file from the camcorder, I heard only the sound but saw nothing. I tried installing different codecs but it didn't help. I finally tried reinstalling the drivers of the video card and the result was that I can see the videos but they sometimes run upside down.
Unfortunately, something else has happened, too. I had no sound, so I decided to reinstall the sound card's drivers. I downloaded SoundMax and removed the old version but when I tried to install the new version, there was an error during the installation, saying there are no drivers, to reboot the computer and run the setup again. I did so but the result was the same every time - reboot and run setup again. Now I don't have sounds. What shall I do?
  [Re] audio and video problems
(Posted by: Glefs, Thu, 12 Oct, 2006 21:21:00)

Try to download K-Lite codec files..
  [Re] audio and video problems
(Posted by: suzanka, Thu, 12 Oct, 2006 12:30:51)

I managed to solve part of the problem but the the whole one. I have sounds but I can't hear midi files and I can't use my microphone. Can you please help me?
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