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You have selected SiS Motherboard. To continue, please select the relevant device model. If you cannot find the device you need, please let us know. We also recommend you use the forum to discuss any problems related to finding, installing and using A4Tech device drivers.


SiS SiS180
SiS SiS300
SiS SiS305
SiS SiS315
SiS SiS530
SiS SiS540
SiS SiS5513
SiS SiS5571
SiS SiS5581
SiS SiS5591
SiS SiS5596
SiS SiS5597
SiS SiS5600
SiS SiS600
SiS SiS620
SiS SiS630
SiS SiS630E
SiS SiS630ET
SiS SiS630S
SiS SiS630ST
SiS SiS6326
SiS SiS6326AGP
SiS SiS6326DVD
SiS SiS635
SiS SiS645
SiS SiS645DX

SiS SiS648
SiS SiS648FX
SiS SiS648MX
SiS SiS650
SiS SiS650GL
SiS SiS650GX
SiS SiS651
SiS SiS655
SiS SiS655FX
SiS SiS655TX
SiS SiS661FX
SiS SiS661GX
SiS SiS7012
SiS SiS730S
SiS SiS730SE
SiS SiS735
SiS SiS740
SiS SiS741
SiS SiS741GX
SiS SiS745
SiS SiS746
SiS SiS746FX
SiS SiS748
SiS SiS755
SiS SiS755FX
SiS SiS760
SiS SiS760GX
SiS SiS900
SiS SiS961
SiS SiS962
SiS SiS962L
SiS SiS963
SiS SiS963L
SiS SiS964
SiS SiS964L
SiS SiS965
SiS SiS965L
SiS SiS966
SiS SiS966L
SiS SiSM650
SiS SiSM741
SiS SiSM760
SiS SiSXabre200
SiS SiSXabre400
SiS SiSXabre600
SiS SiSXabre80


If you still have questions related to finding, downloading or installing SiS drivers, please use our feedback form. Our specialists will respond to all your questions as quickly as possible. To view additional information, select the relevant device from the list.

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