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HP iPAQ H3850 Firmware

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iPAQ Pocket PC 2002 End User Update (EUU - Service Pack)
Corrects the following issues:
  • Pocket Calendar did not display multiday appointments that span over the end/beginning of a month correctly in various views.
  • PPP authentication failed when connecting through a LAC/CHAP - LNS/CHAP renegotiation.
  • Pocket IE on PocketPC did not recognize the change in Content-Type when an ASP (or ASPX)page used Response.ContentType to specify a custom application/extension.
  • TAB on SIP now properly shifts focus when tapped.

  • Caret no longer moves position after task switch in Inbox.
  • IMG tag SRC attribute now supports relative URL longer than 30 characters in PocketIE.
  • Enter key submits HTML forms in PocketIE.
  • Improved performance when saving an RTF in Word.
  • Low/critical battery notification icon disappears as expected once battery is charged fully.
  • Resolves cross domain security issue.

  • Microsoft Pocket PC 2002

  • It is important to stop the ActiveSync connection from your host PC before executing the EUU file on the handheld to prevent the possibility of any damage to the ROM.
  • For more information about these improvements, see the EUU4_ENG.rtf file contained in the Softpaq.
    Synchronization Software

  • Microsoft ActiveSync 3.5 or later.



    This process involves writing updates to the ROM.If this write operation is interrupted by performing a Normal or Full Reset before it completes, Pocket PC 2002 will become unstable and may prevent further connection to a host PC for recovery.The write process of the update takes approximately 13 minutes, displaying a message that it is complete at the conclusion. To help prevent accidental interruptions, AC power is required for the write operation and the power button is disabled during the write process.

    Currently the only method to verify that this update has been installed is to start the update again on the iPAQ and look for the following message to be displayed:"This ROM Update is already installed…"


    1. Download the SoftPaq to a directory on your hard drive. The file downloaded is a self-extracting executable with a filename based on the SoftPaq Number above.

    2. Execute the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to unpack the Microsoft Pocket PC 2002 End User Update into a folder.

    3. Read the EUU4_ENG.rtf for instructions on how to install this update.

    4. You may delete the self-extracting file downloaded in step 1 if you wish.
  • Version: 4.00
    Public date: December 17, 2003
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