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You have selected A4Tech Mouse and TrackBall. To continue, please select the relevant device model. If you cannot find the device you need, please let us know.

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A4Tech AK-5
A4Tech Any model wish to be use in DOS
A4Tech BW-26
A4Tech BW-35
A4Tech BW-5
A4Tech BW-5UP
A4Tech FOK-250
A4Tech IRSW-25
A4Tech IRSW-35
A4Tech IRW-25
A4Tech IRW-29
A4Tech IRW-5
A4Tech MOP-17
A4Tech MOP-35
A4Tech MOP-353
A4Tech MOP-5
A4Tech MOP-517
A4Tech MOP-518
A4Tech MOP-528
A4Tech MOP-535
A4Tech MOP-535PU
A4Tech MOP-536
A4Tech MOP-557
A4Tech MOP-559
A4Tech MSW-35
A4Tech MSW-5
A4Tech NB-20
A4Tech NB-30
A4Tech NB-35
A4Tech NB-50
A4Tech NB-57
A4Tech NB-70
A4Tech NB-90
A4Tech NB-95
A4Tech NWW-11
A4Tech NWW-25
A4Tech NWW-5
A4Tech NWW-9
A4Tech NWX-11
A4Tech NWX-5
A4Tech OK-250
A4Tech OK-520

A4Tech OK-521
A4Tech OK-720
A4Tech OK-820
A4Tech OK-920
A4Tech RBW-5
A4Tech RF-1515
A4Tech RFMSW-15
A4Tech RFSOP-19
A4Tech RFSOP-27
A4Tech RFSOP-29
A4Tech RFSOP-35
A4Tech RFSOP-48
A4Tech RFSOP-53
A4Tech RFSOP-80
A4Tech RFSW-23
A4Tech RFSW-25
A4Tech RFSW-35
A4Tech RFW-21
A4Tech RFW-23
A4Tech RFW-25
A4Tech RFW-29
A4Tech RFW-33
A4Tech RFW-5
A4Tech RFWOP-49
A4Tech RP-1519
A4Tech RP-1520
A4Tech RP-1527
A4Tech RP-1529
A4Tech RP-1535
A4Tech RP-1548
A4Tech RP-1557
A4Tech RP-1558
A4Tech RP-648
A4Tech RP-649
A4Tech RP-649Z
A4Tech RP-650
A4Tech RP-650Z
A4Tech RP-650ZUP
A4Tech RP-653
A4Tech RP-655
A4Tech RP-655Z
A4Tech RP-680
A4Tech SWOP-23
A4Tech SWOP-25
A4Tech SWOP-3
A4Tech SWOP-35
A4Tech SWOP-45PU
A4Tech SWOP-48
A4Tech SWOP-50Z
A4Tech SWOP-53
A4Tech SWOP-80
A4Tech SWOP-80UP
A4Tech SWU-19
A4Tech SWU-21
A4Tech SWU-22
A4Tech SWU-23
A4Tech SWU-25
A4Tech SWU-35
A4Tech SWU-36
A4Tech SWU-37
A4Tech SWU-48
A4Tech SWU-5
A4Tech SWU-7
A4Tech SWW-48
A4Tech SWW-519
A4Tech SWW-521
A4Tech SWW-522
A4Tech SWW-523
A4Tech SWW-525
A4Tech SWW-535
A4Tech SWW-536
A4Tech SWW-537
A4Tech SWW-548
A4Tech SWW-553
A4Tech SWW-57
A4Tech WOP-29
A4Tech WOP-33

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If you still have questions related to finding, downloading or installing A4Tech drivers, please use our feedback form. Our specialists will respond to all your questions as quickly as possible. To view additional information, select the relevant device from the list.

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